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So it is a New Year!

Maybe I should restart this blog which I have ignored for too long… I might have to think about how to do that!

Since the last post…

Lenny and Molly now look like this:

My bathrooms and done and look like this:

I have lost 3 stone in weight. 

Become obsessed with beating my own swimming times. Current best is 2000m of front crawl in 29 minutes 25 seconds.

Managed to increase the distance I can comfortably walk to about 4 miles.

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Weekly Witterings #20

1. I got a new chair at work on Monday which I like now I have got used to it. My leg and back were not too impressed for the first couple of days but now I a pretty comfortable. I also got a new mouse and said good by to my very old one which I think I got in about 2002 but the scroll wheel was not working properly so it was time to say goodbye.

2. After work on Monday I ordered my new bathrooms 😀 after going to look at the designs. 

The bathroom will be like this with grey tiles with a mosaic boarder.  

And the ensuite is going to be a wet room like this.  

I am rather excited about the wet room!

The next step is the installation survey and a date for it to start.

3.  On Friday I swam 2000 meters for the first time in ages so I am very pleased with that! It took me 36 minutes snow I want to get faster. 

4. Mattress update, I love it! It is one of these.

5. Yesterday I met up with my friend Liz and went to Crafty Monkey to paint some pottery. These are my creations before they went in the kiln.


The owl mug is a gift for my lovely owl and rainbow obsessed God Daughter for when her baby brother arrives. The vase and small round box are for my new ensuite once it is fitted.

I am looking forward to seeing them finished.

6. Molly-May has arrived at my brother ans sister-in-laws house.   

Isn’t she cute?

And Lenny seems to like her  

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Weekly Witterings #19

1. My new mattress arrived yesterday so last night was my first sleep on it. I think I need to get used to it but I do like it.

2. Excited about going to look at bathroom designs tomorrow and see how outchy the price is!

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Weekly Witterings #18

1. Today I had a physio personal best of 18cm on one of my measurements, both my physio and I had a mini cheer! I finally feel like I am back in control and nearly back on track 😃 only 3 1/2 months later,

2. A nice man called  Daniel has come and measured my bathroom and ensuit and is doing some designs. Now to wait to see how scarily expensive the quotes are. He lives in the same village and knows my neighbours.

3. Four day weekend and a trip to the beach at Hunstanton coming up so going to post this a bit early. Fun with Tom, Fiona and Eilidh. Eilidh is very excited about going to sea side house and has been working hard to say her ‘S’s properly for it.

4. I am going to be Aunt to another puppy

How cute is she!?

6 1/2 weeks old so not long till Allan and Laura can take her home to cause mayhem with Lenny.

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Holiday with lots of visits

I decided to take the week before Lisa and Dave’s  wedding off and stay somewhere in the area and make time to catch up with everyone.

I started by driving down to Southampton on the Sunday to meet up with the Wood family who live in Toton. It was so good to see them and I was very pleased that both Beth and Reuben were not shy as I haven’t seen them for several years. We went to the New Forrest Wildlife Park for a bit of a wander. Then we went back the their house and had dinner and a game of Carcassome before Beth and Reuben went to bed and I had a good catch up with Melissa and Dave.

I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express next to the M271, which was comfortable but a little noisy when people started to get up at 6:30 ish.


On Monday I had a quick trip to West Quay shopping centre and IKEA before heading to Freham to meet up with Jenny and her little boy Benjamin. Unfortunately her husband Paul was working and her daughter Suzannah was at school so I didn’t get to see them but I had a nice time with Jenny and Benjamin.

After that I headed to Port Solent to locate my holiday home for the week. It was lovely.  

On Monday evening I met with with Katie and Cath and we headed to Pizza Express at Gun Wharf Quays, Katie has a NUS card so we took advantage of their 40% off on Mondays offer. Then we headed to Scoops for desert.  

Cath and I managed to finish our but Katie’s beat her.

On Tuesday I went to my Auties house in Emsworth and also met up with my Cousin Karen and her boys Elliott (2.5 ish) and Rupert (9 weeks). I got Rupert cuddles 😊. Later Charlie came round too.

In the evening I went to Jim and Claire’s house for dinner and Katina was there too. After dinner we assembled the children’s gift bags for Lisa and Dave’s wedding that Claire and Katrina had been busy organising.

On Wednesday I went to my Uncles house in Nutbourne and also saw his other half Susan. A bit Latter Karen called in to tell her dad something so I saw her, Elliott and Rupert again too which was a nice bonus.

Wednesday Evening was spent with the Morehouse family, Ricky, Laura, Abi and Jess. I got to read Jess and Abi their bedtime story.

On Thurday morning I had sometime to chill and the weather was lovely so I sat on the balcony and did some chrochet before meetin up with Paul, Laura and Matthew their little boy. I also got to catch up briefly with Laura’s mum and go and see the house they are doing up and extending which was quite exciting.

Friday was spent doing final wedding preparations with Lisa and meeting the bridemaid I didn’t know Bre and her husband and mum. It was also good to see Lisa’s parents before the wedding day.

Saturday was Lisa and Dave’s wedding so I was up early and at Lisa’s parents for getting ready which was lots of fun. See the blog about the wedding for more on that.

Sunday was my last day of my holiday and after a quick trip to Gun Wharf Quays for some retail therapy (nice new Radley bag at 50% off) I met up with lots of friends at one of our usually pubs. It was espcailly nice to catch up with Sarah and her boyfriend Chris s I hadn’t seen her for several years! Then we all went for a little wander by the sea before my drive home. 

A hectic but lovely week! 

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Weekly Witterings #17

1. Yesterday I went to look at bathroom showrooms. I bought a new mattress. It was in the back of my mind as the bed at the holiday home I rented was so much comfier than mine, so I went to have a look. And ordered one. A memory foam one. One so expensive they gave me freebies. Let’s hope it is as good as I hope. It comes with a 40 day return option so it will be ok!

And we’ll my bedroom has an ensuit so it is almost the same room…

2. I also have someone coming to measure and design my bathroom and ensuite. Must tidy the bedroom before Wednesday. “Operation don’t want to be embarrassed when the guy measures up” is on!

3. I managed a full week in the office. No working from home. The first time since 1st March! 😄 

And I went on two lunchtime walks (with bench rests)! 😄

This was the view from the bench on Wednesday.  

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Wedding Fun

Lisa and Dave are married  

And I was their chief bridesmaid (which means I did lots of hen party planning and sat on the end of the top table).  

And there were two other bridesmaids, Julie and Bre and two mini-made a Mille and Beth.  

The church was St George’s in Sothbourne and the reception venu was Southbourne Village Hall which was beautifully decorated. I particularly liked the huge helium balloons.   

 It was a lovely day and it was particularly good to catch up with lots of University friends and their numerous offspring. Still not entirely sure how two of the boys each lost a shoe, seemingly onto the railway tracks…

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Guide Camp

This year we did a joint camp with two other units to a small Scout owned site in Wells-Next-The-Sea. We took 23 Guides, 2 Young Leaders and 5 adult Leaders. We also had 3 adults, 2 of them othe Leaders, and their 2 children visit for the day. The camp was loosely pirate themed.

We had lots of fun making owls/parrots from pine cones.

 And lanterns out of tin cans (we had chilli for dinner and tinned fruit for desert on the first night so we had enough cans).  

We also made fire a lot and sang campfire songs. 6 Guides made their promise at a campfire. 

We went to the beach and let them loose in the shops in Wells-Next-The-Sea.  

Had some help with some first aid form a visiting student paramedic and a budding orthopaedic surgeon.  

The boat trip to see the seals was brilliant, we couldn’t have had better weather. Another Guide made her promise on the boat trip.  

 And we returned them all home safely although maybe a little pink.

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Hen Party Happenings

There were two parts to the fun, the afternoon had a school theme including lunch and some lessons, the main event being art class.

The other lessons were little quizzes, an English lesson with questions about Lisa, a Registration lesson where people had to get other to sign squares and a photo quiz guessing Lisa’s ages and years which was the Maths lesson. 


There was also a photo booth and a scrap book that guests were encouraged to make a page for.  

There were decorations including my chrochet butting and flowers  

And a table or two for food and drink including little milk bottles (school milk used to be a UK thing but I am not of the right age to remember it) and a tuck shop.  

Art class was a life drawing class with a “Rob the Naked Guy” (that’s how he signed his message in Lisa’s scrap book) which everyone got into and took quite seriously. Some of the poses involved others…  

The evening was the graduation party

And there was lots of giggling, games and pizza (about £170 worth!!!)  


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Weekly Witterings #16

1. I watched Pitch Perfect for the first time on Friday evening, I now know what the cup song is all about at last, the Guides have been obsessed with it for ages. I loved the film and want to see the second be now.

2. This weekend has been Lisa’s Hen Party so I have been down to Portsmouth. I think this deserves a separate post but it involved I tersting piercings, pizza mountain and lots of fun and laughter.

3. I managed two almost full days in the office this week. The back is improving!

4. While down in Portsmouth I fitted in a quick trip to Gunwharf Quays, I miss the shopping there but was disappointed that there isn’t a FatFace anymore 😔

The place still has a lovely view of the harbour entrance though.  

 And of course there is the Spinaker Tower!


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