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Weekly Witterings #18

1. Today I had a physio personal best of 18cm on one of my measurements, both my physio and I had a mini cheer! I finally feel like I am back in control and nearly back on track 😃 only 3 1/2 months later,

2. A nice man called  Daniel has come and measured my bathroom and ensuit and is doing some designs. Now to wait to see how scarily expensive the quotes are. He lives in the same village and knows my neighbours.

3. Four day weekend and a trip to the beach at Hunstanton coming up so going to post this a bit early. Fun with Tom, Fiona and Eilidh. Eilidh is very excited about going to sea side house and has been working hard to say her ‘S’s properly for it.

4. I am going to be Aunt to another puppy

How cute is she!?

6 1/2 weeks old so not long till Allan and Laura can take her home to cause mayhem with Lenny.

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Holiday with lots of visits

I decided to take the week before Lisa and Dave’s  wedding off and stay somewhere in the area and make time to catch up with everyone.

I started by driving down to Southampton on the Sunday to meet up with the Wood family who live in Toton. It was so good to see them and I was very pleased that both Beth and Reuben were not shy as I haven’t seen them for several years. We went to the New Forrest Wildlife Park for a bit of a wander. Then we went back the their house and had dinner and a game of Carcassome before Beth and Reuben went to bed and I had a good catch up with Melissa and Dave.

I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express next to the M271, which was comfortable but a little noisy when people started to get up at 6:30 ish.


On Monday I had a quick trip to West Quay shopping centre and IKEA before heading to Freham to meet up with Jenny and her little boy Benjamin. Unfortunately her husband Paul was working and her daughter Suzannah was at school so I didn’t get to see them but I had a nice time with Jenny and Benjamin.

After that I headed to Port Solent to locate my holiday home for the week. It was lovely.  

On Monday evening I met with with Katie and Cath and we headed to Pizza Express at Gun Wharf Quays, Katie has a NUS card so we took advantage of their 40% off on Mondays offer. Then we headed to Scoops for desert.  

Cath and I managed to finish our but Katie’s beat her.

On Tuesday I went to my Auties house in Emsworth and also met up with my Cousin Karen and her boys Elliott (2.5 ish) and Rupert (9 weeks). I got Rupert cuddles 😊. Later Charlie came round too.

In the evening I went to Jim and Claire’s house for dinner and Katina was there too. After dinner we assembled the children’s gift bags for Lisa and Dave’s wedding that Claire and Katrina had been busy organising.

On Wednesday I went to my Uncles house in Nutbourne and also saw his other half Susan. A bit Latter Karen called in to tell her dad something so I saw her, Elliott and Rupert again too which was a nice bonus.

Wednesday Evening was spent with the Morehouse family, Ricky, Laura, Abi and Jess. I got to read Jess and Abi their bedtime story.

On Thurday morning I had sometime to chill and the weather was lovely so I sat on the balcony and did some chrochet before meetin up with Paul, Laura and Matthew their little boy. I also got to catch up briefly with Laura’s mum and go and see the house they are doing up and extending which was quite exciting.

Friday was spent doing final wedding preparations with Lisa and meeting the bridemaid I didn’t know Bre and her husband and mum. It was also good to see Lisa’s parents before the wedding day.

Saturday was Lisa and Dave’s wedding so I was up early and at Lisa’s parents for getting ready which was lots of fun. See the blog about the wedding for more on that.

Sunday was my last day of my holiday and after a quick trip to Gun Wharf Quays for some retail therapy (nice new Radley bag at 50% off) I met up with lots of friends at one of our usually pubs. It was espcailly nice to catch up with Sarah and her boyfriend Chris s I hadn’t seen her for several years! Then we all went for a little wander by the sea before my drive home. 

A hectic but lovely week! 

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Cruise 2014 – Ventura, Genoa to Venice

Day 1 – Genoa
Flying into Genoa you get a lovely view of the Costa Concordia where it is being dismantled. Not really what you want to see as you are off to board a cruise ship! As we had been up since about 3am and the area near the ship didn’t look very exciting we decided not to go and explore Genoa. Instead we unpacked and enjoyed some afternoon tea and explored Ventura as it was our first time aboard.

Day 2 – Livorno
We had booked a tour to Florence from Livono as there isn’t much to do there and the options are mainly Florence or Pisa and we have been to Pisa before. It was quite a way, about 1 ½ hours on the coach but the tour guide was very good at pointing out things of interest on the way (fields of sunflowers grown for oil) and telling us about Florence so the time went quite quickly. Once we arrived in Florence the guide walked us to Piazza Santa Croce and showed us where to meet and where we could use our refreshments voucher.
We looked at the queue for refreshments and decided to go and explore first. We headed for Palazza della Signoria which is where there are lots of statues, the guide described it as an open air museum. From there we headed to the Ponte Vecchio where we did some window shopping in the gold shops, took in the views and observed the corridor.
After a quick time check we decided to head for the Duomo, cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore.
We were very glad we made the effort as it is probably one of the most impressive buildings I have seen. We took lots of photos around here and vowed that we need to come back with enough time to go inside. Then we headed back to get refreshments stopping off at the Palazza della Signoria again to take more photos. Once back at the coach we were taken up to the view point at Piazzale Michelangelo, it was a lovely clear day and the views were stunning. We also saw the replica of Michelongelo’s David statue here.
The coach ride back to the ship was rather quiet, I think most people had fallen asleep!

Day 3 – at sea
A chance to rest after Florence. Not such great weather but still warm enough to enjoy a few hours reading on a sun lounger by the pool. Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy is the current book. It was the first of the two formal nights tonight. I like seeing everyone all dressed up, for me it is part of the enjoyment of the cruise.

Day 4 – Naples
Lovely seeing the sun come up with a view of Vesuvius.

Trip to Sorento today.
Bit of a distance on the coach again but worth it. Enjoyed wandering round and glad we bought a book as it meant we saw the Old Walls
and the Valley of the Mills.
We also enjoyed ice cream refreshments which given it was quite warm were very welcome.

Day 5 – at sea
Another sea day well placed to relax after our Sorento trip. Today was much warmer and sunny so more reading by the pool. Dad went to the ice carving demonstration a dolphin.

Mum enjoyed the chocolate fountain

And we all enjoyed the adult only pool and the endless pool jets. Tonight was the second formal night, black and white night,

Day 6 – Dubrovnik
I love Dubrovnik. The old city is beautiful and interesting. We just enjoyed wandering around on our own.




Then we found a bar and had coffee in the sunshine.
I also found the shop I bought towels in last time and bought some more, I know how sad that sounds but I really like them.

Day 7 – Venice
The sail into Venice was the highlight for me.


Having been before and sailed in before it was good to be able to spot the main places as we went in. I am so glad I have done the sail in before they stop the big ships going right up past St Mark’s Square and the entrance to the Grand Canal.
There were four ships in and getting to St Mark’s Square was chaotic. After over an hour queuing and nearly as long in the boat waiting for a spot to more up to let us off we didn’t have much energy or desire to wander far. Mum and I just had a nose around St Mark’s Square and headed back.


Thankfully we have been before so hadn’t planned to do much but we would have liked to have wandered to the Rialto Bridge but my back had had enough so we didn’t. This is a photo of the entrance to the Grand Canal which I took on the way back to the ship, I think it is one of my favourites.


Day 8 – Time to go home
We were up early to go home but that did mean we saw the sunrise over Venice before heading to the airport.



Around the ship
Here she is

IMG_0548.JPG. Mum and me on tropical night
IMG_0544.JPG. And here is one of the towel creations made by my cabin steward

IMG_0558.JPGAnd here are our two lovely waiters Ronald and Winston.


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Weekly Witterings #4

1. Guide camp went well. No rain all weekend and lots of happy Guides.

2. Cruises are great. Currently cruising around Italy on P&O’s Ventura, today we are in Naples and we (Mum, Dad and me) have been to Sorento. I love waking up in different places and generally feeling somewhat spoilt by lovely food etc.

3. This was the view from Mum and Dad’s balcony this morning just before we headed off for breakfast. It is Vesuvius and the


4. Poor little Lenny (my nephew puppy) has had the snip. He looks very sorry for himself in his cone of shame.


5. Still a few days left of my holiday. Looking forward to cruising into Venice.

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Lenny the Lurcher

Lenny came to visit for the weekend (with my brother and sister-in-law, they came for the Tour de France Cambridge start).

Lenny is crazy.

This cute dinky puppy is now this cheeky chappy

Most of the time he is fun and goes from manic, playful puppy full of energy to a snuggle, sleepy puppy that wants cuddles.

Then there is the trouble making mode, marked by the forward ears, which is just TROUBLE! He basically the looks for anything he can steel so that you will come and get it. If you try the ignore the bad behaviour bit you end up sacrificing whatever he has to the jaws of the beast. Then when chewed that up he looks for the next thing. In this mode I can honestly say he has put any small ideas I ever had about how nice having a dog might be right out of my head.

But then he comes over and pulls this “I am soooo cute, and they never feed me face”

Or he curls up and goes to sleep like this

Then he is just adorable. And he knows it!

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Goodbye Flora Bunny

Today has been a sad day.
I went out to feed Flora this morning and wasn’t greated by her usual “I am starving” breakfast dance. She used to see me come out the patio door and dash up stairs and up to the hutch door in anticipation of food. I would then stroke her for a while as she munched. This morning she just lay there and I thought she was asleep at first but… She was gone.

I got Flora not long after I moved to Cambridge. She was actually born on the day I moved so it feels like she has been with me here all the time. The garden won’t feel the same without her.

She is buried at the back of the garden that she thought was her garden. I am very grateful to Tom for coming round and digging a hole for her and helping to dismantle her hutch.

So it is good bye to my gentle fluff ball, who was supposed to be a dwarf lop but turned out to be a rather large bunny. She was great with children stroking her, poking her, pulling her ears, she just sat there and didn’t mind at all and if they fed her any dandelion leaves or grass that was a bonus. A gentle nature with a beautiful silky fur coat. I will miss her a lot.



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Bank Holiday Weekend

I started the bank holiday by not having a lie in but going to Messy Easter at church. I had lots of fun making bunny rabbits from plastic cups and then went into church for the short message. I forgot to have a good look at the Jesus Light Railway that had been set up as the stations of the cross so I am hoping the someone took some photos.

Then I drove up to Hunstanton to meet Mum and Dad at the flat.

On Saturday we went for a drive and ended up in Walsingham. Dad had a look at the little railway that end there and Mum and I went for a nose round the shrine there. We didn’t really know what it was just that it was marked on the map. It seems to be an Anglian retreat type place with some interesting history. Felt a bit high church for me but was a good peaceful space with some beautiful architecture. Have a look here if you are interested.

Mum and I also had a bit of a wander along the beach to Sainsburys to get some pizza and garlic bread.

In the evening we were amused by the mummy duck crossing her ducklings over the road. Thankfully the cars stopped. They spent the night in the flower bed in the front garden of the neighbouring bungalow. This is her earlier. She must have crossed them over the road twice to get to the garden from here.


On Sunday mum and I went to the Easter morning service at Union Church Hunstanton. Mum has been a couple of times. It seems like a nice friendly church, not sure if I will be brave enough to go on my own though. The sermon was good and he highlighted a couple of things I hadn’t really considered about the Easter story before, the way that Jesus first appeared to women (who in bible times were not seen as great witnesses) particularly struck me. Not that I have noticed that before but I haven’t really thought about it and how women being less important to men how that would have been viewed at the time. Sam, the minister, also pointed out that this is the first time Jesus refers to the disciples as brothers and to God our father not just Jesus’ father. This bring home the relevance of the cross and resurrection and our relationship with God through that.

In the afternoon I went for a wander along the beach with Mum and Dad and we got ice creams even though it wasn’t that warm.

I drove back on Sunday evening.

Let me leave this post with a photo from the flat of the sun setting on Saturday evening. I love the sunsets in Hunstanton over the sea.


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Aunty to a puppy

My brother and sister-in-law used to have a crazy collie called Jake.

He was fun and I loved him but he was rather erratic and unpredictable. Sadly he got rather old and died last year.

So a few weeks ago Lenny arrived as a new family member so I guess I am Aunty to this rather cute lurcher puppy.

Meet Lenny!

He is so cute. Hopefully I will meet him soon.

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