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Wedding Fun

Lisa and Dave are married  

And I was their chief bridesmaid (which means I did lots of hen party planning and sat on the end of the top table).  

And there were two other bridesmaids, Julie and Bre and two mini-made a Mille and Beth.  

The church was St George’s in Sothbourne and the reception venu was Southbourne Village Hall which was beautifully decorated. I particularly liked the huge helium balloons.   

 It was a lovely day and it was particularly good to catch up with lots of University friends and their numerous offspring. Still not entirely sure how two of the boys each lost a shoe, seemingly onto the railway tracks…

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People in my thoughts and heart

Is it just me who thinks back about people?

Today I was reminded of someone I met briefly who I occasionally think about. Does anyone else do this and wonder what happened to them?

This man was someone I met for a couple of hours while we were waiting to go to theatre in Southampton General. We we waiting in the day ward in adjacent beds. He was with his wife and I was with my mum. He was called Tony and was from the Isle of Wight. He was having two brain tumours removed, they were secondary cancers from a melanoma and he also had tumours in his lungs if my memory is right. He was terminal so he is almost certainly dead by now. We laughed and joked together while we waiting and he was a lovely guy. He had accepted his diagnosis and saw it as a positive sign that they were bothering to remove the brain tumours. He was keen to enjoy what time he had left. I can remember him joking when he came back from his pre surgery scan that they had found another tumour but they were going to take that out too, ‘three for the price of two’. The last I saw of him he was sitting up in bed, post surgery, having his dinner as I was wheeled past after my surgery. We briefly shared a smile, thumbs up and good luck wish.

I occasionally wonder how he got on and wonder how his wife and children are. I don’t think I will forget him and his amazing attitude to making the most of the situation. I try to think of his attitude when I am having a bad day and think that if someone in that situation can carry on with life and tackle his problems with courage then so can I!

I think of other people too. Some teachers, some youth leaders, people I knew at school or Guides. Some of these people I knew for years others it was just a short meeting. I imagine what they might be doing and wonder if they remember me. I wonder if our paths will ever cross again.

Then I wonder if those people ever think of me and if they do what they might remember. I hope that it is something good and that in some small way I have added something to their life.

So if you have ever met me or known me and we have drifted apart, it doesn’t mean you have been forgotten. People influence us and although they may not realise it they always have a little place in our hearts.

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5 Years in Cambridge

Five years ago I watched a big removal van drive off, shut the front door on my house in Portsmouth for the last time and drove up to my new house in Milton, Cambridge.

Since then I have made lots of wonderful friends and kept in touch with the equally lovely ones in Portsmouth 🙂

I love living in Milton, I love the church I go to and I feel at home here. Life is good!

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