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Weekly Witterings #15

1. It is a bank holiday weekend in the UK today so I have been enjoying a three day weekend! Bank holidays are great 😃

2. My God Daughter turned 4 on Saturday, where did those years go? I doesn’t seem that long that she was sleeping on my lap, that we were watching her take her first steps and listening to her shouting “yah yah” at me because she couldn’t say Alli. Now she is a little person who knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like and loves rainbows, owls and Fireman Sam. Love her so much! We have been celebrating with a BBQ and cake, her other God Mother Mars came down for the weekend too so it was good to see her.

3. The rest of my bank holiday weekend has been busy getting things ready for Lisa’s hen party. I have made quiz sheets, bunting, a flower and butterfly garland, decorated milk bottles, prepared the prizes, made badges and spoken to the life model. Phew…

This the is flower and butterfly garland.  

4. I also had a nice chat with Lisa this morning.

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Weekly Witterings #14

1. I am a crochet machine 😀 This week I have completed two sets of bunting

Made these head bands and bracelets for the school fair


And made another little egg monster for the fair

2. I was brave on Monday and went to meet up with the other Miltin Yarnies who are busy creating stuff for the school fair. I only know the person who was hosting a little bit and wasn’t sure if I would know anyone else. I don’t like meeting new people much. It was lots of fun though and I am glad I went.

3. My back has been frustrating this week. I feel like I have hit aplateau. I attempted to stop taking tramadol which has resulted in not sleeping very well so I am shattered. When I saw my physio on Thursday he commented that I look pale and tired. I saw my GP on Friday and have started taking the tramadol at night again 😔 He wants some blood test done to check I am not anaemic. 

4. At guides we celebrated St Goerge’s day by taste testing teas and scones (both are rather English). The teas were various ethnic fruit and green one and the combined smell was revolting! The dregs that they didn’t like went into a washing up bowl and well… Didn’t look too attractive!


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Weekly Witterings #13

1. This week has been fairly quiet. That means I have time for craft 🙂

2. I have made a little chrochet robot though  

He will be sold at the local school fair in the summe, there is a group of ladies in the village who are crafting some bits to sell. Unfortunately the way schools in the UK are funded means that certain schools get more or less funding due to the apparent social situatuation of an area and schools in Cambridgshire get one of the lowest amounts per child and this year the local school is struggling to make the budget work. Before Easter a couple of the .teaching Assistants were made redundant so we are trying to raise some money with our little craft efforts.

3.  I also made this badge for Lisa to wear for her Hen party which I have been planing   

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Crochet Bunting Triangles

So here is my latest chrochet project.  

It’s bunting triangles and the plan is to combine these with my flowers and butterflies to make some decorations for Lisa’s hen party.

This pattern involves a cluster approach by which I mean you save the last loop of the stitch on the hook and then at the last stage of the cluster pull the yarn through all the loops on the hook. 

Using US stitches

Start: 6ch, ss into 1st ch to make a loop

Round 1: cluster 3ch and 2tr into the 1st ch of starting loop, * then 3ch, then cluster 3tr into next stitch* rep 5 times to make 6 clusters in total. 3ch then ss into top of 1st cluster

Round 2: ss into 1st space. Then cluster 3ch and 2tr, 3ch, cluster 3tr into the same space as the ss.  4ch.  1dc into next space. 4ch.  Then cluster 3tr, 3ch, cluster 3tc into the same space as the ss.  4ch.  1dc into next space. 5ch.  Then cluster 3dtr, 3ch, cluster 3dtr into the next space (this makes the bottom point). 5ch, 1dc into next space. 4ch.  ss into top of 1st cluster of the round.

Round 3: ss into 1st space.  Then cluster 3ch and 2tr, 3ch, cluster 3tr into the same space as the ss. 4ch. 1dc into the next space. 4ch. 1dc into cd from previous round. 4ch. 1dc into space. 4ch. Then cluster 3tr, 3ch, cluster 3tr into next space. 4ch. 1dc into the next space. 4ch. 1dc into cd from previous round. 4ch. 1dc into space. 6ch. Then cluster 3dtr, 3ch, cluster 3dtr into the next space (this makes the bottom point). 6ch, 1dc into next space. 4ch. 1dc into 1dc from previous round. 4ch.  ss into top of 1st cluster of the round.

Round 4: ss into 1st space. 2ch, 1htr, 1tr, 2ch, ss into the tr, 1htr, 1dc all in the same space as the ss. 1dc into top of cluster. 1dc into each stich till the next cluster. 1dc into top of cluster. 1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 2ch, ss into the tr, 1htr, 1dc all in the space. 1dc into cluster. 1dc into each stich till the next cluster. 1dc into top of cluster. 1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 1dtr, 2ch, ss into the dtr, 1dtr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc. 1dc into cluster. 1dc into each stich till the next cluster. 1dc into top of cluster then ss into next stitch and fasten off.

And a close up…    

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Weekly Witterings #12

1.  So at the moment I can swim for longer than I can walk comfortably… Odd but Stupid Back is improving. Three swims done now and up to 24 lengths its a start but some way off the 100 I was up to.

2.  Did anyone else watch the first “Code of a Killer” on ITV? I am looking forward to the next one!

3.  This weekend I have been on a trip up to Hunstaton with Sue. It was pretty windy all weekend but we still enjoyed it. Yesterday we went to Wells-Next-The-Sea and had chips by the sea.  


We also enjoyed the sunsets


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Weekly Witterings #11

1. After last week I have only been into the office once this week, on Monday afternoon to see our graduates presentation as she completed her rotation with us this week.  We get her back in six months though as she is joining our team perminantly when she completes the graduates scheme.

2. I have ditched the crutches at last, and for the last few days I have been making an effort to go for a short walk at least once a day. I can only manage about 7 minutes at the moment (more if I take a crutch) but it is improving.  I might try a swim soon.

3. Good Friday was Messy Easter Day at church. This is a couple of the crafts, Palm leaves and an egg that opens to reveal the cross.  I like to think of the egg being a bit like the tomb. 

4. It is Easter Day today.  It makes me wonder how many people actually know why it is a bank holiday weekend…

5. This week I have been working on some crochet bunting as well as creating these little monsters for Jack, Emily and Eilidh.  More about the bunting later. 


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Easter Monsters

These little monsters are crocheted using this pattern.  

I have adapted it slightly as my plastic eggs must have been larger, so I increased the stitches to 30 (by doing 4 single crochets followed by 2 singles in the next stich for a round) and then did two or three extra rounds on both the bottom and the top.

I also crocheted an eye by doing 8 singles into a magic ring, changing colour and doing a round of single chrochets followed by a round of two single chrochets into each stitch.  The teeth were sort of three single chrochets joined to one and then sewn a bit to shape.


So I have mad three; blue for Emily, green for Jack and a purple rainbow one for Eilidh.  I just need to get some sort of chocolate egg to go inside now.

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Weekly Witterings 2015 #10

1.  I did some crocheting again last week.  I have made these for Lisa’s hen party and will be using them to make some decorations.  Won’t say more than that for now.     

The flowers are from here and the butterflies from here.

Have also made some gifts for Easter so I will post about those once the recipients have them.

2. The back has been improving, although it is slow.  I have been I to the office a bit this week but it is really exhausting and by Friday I was really pretty tired and uncomfortable.  More working from home this week!

3.  I bought a new laptop this week.  My old one was getting unreliable, was randomly blue screenng and then I ended up doing a reset after the last blue screen as it wouldn’t come back on.  So now I have an ASUS Transformer with a 15.6″ touchscreen that can rotate to use like a tablet.  So far I am quite pleased with it but have been mainly copying files onto it!

4.  Getting a bit fed up of not being able to do much now.  I might try a swim later in the week, the physio said it would be I as long as I don’t go crazy and expect to do lots of lengths.  I can always enjoy the jacuzzi anyway.

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Weekly Witterings 2015 #9

1.  Oh dear these are not exactly weekly are they…

2. So this week I should have been having fun at a hackathon in Frankfurt with work but instead I have been supporting it from my sofa so doing the work but missing out on the fun.  Oh well.  I feel rather guilty about it as literally a couple of days after saying I would go I then sent an email saying my back had gone again and I wouldn’t be going.  They got someone else to go but he doesn’t know the code, the files or the product particularly so not really very useful!

3. Andy has, however, got a big tub of gummy bears for me from the office.  Apparently he went down to reception and said how I couldn’t come but love the gummy bears they have.  So this will be making its way to my desk soon 😃


The receptionist probably thinks I am crazy!

4.  As if I hadn’t done enough to my back I fell down the stairs last week so now have a rather bruised bum too!  Not too sure what happened, I was carrying my washing and attempting the stairs without a crutch but I think my leg also gave way.  Hank fully I don’t seem to have made anything worse.

5. Not really been up to much else really.  I saw my Physio on Thursday and thankfully he was gentle and sympathetic.  See him again next week so hopefully thre will be some improvement to show him.

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Women’s Day 2015

Today was the Women’s Day at church.  I decided I couldn’t manage the whole day and certainly was not up for doing the refreshments like I was planning to. I did manage to go and set up the coffee machine etc. and be at the prayer time last night though which was good.

I managed to go to the afternoon session but wasn’t realy concentrating much on what was being said.

The gifts were a success though.  We made coasters this year.  


There were eight different ones with different verses and pictures.  They all had the surender image on the underside.  Mary-Ann and Fiona helped with the cutting of photos and assembling.

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