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Not the Wednesday I expected!

Things had been going well. I had had a great week camping at New Wine and my back was behaving well and standing up to the walking and camping without me resorting to more painkillers.

I had a slight slip in some mud and rain on the Monday evening (I had been more worried about whether I had scratched my car or not) so a slight increase in pain on the Tuesday was kind of expected and OK. I had gone to work as usual and thought nothing of it. I woke up on Wednesday and made lunch for work and ironed a top to wear and headed up stairs to finish getting ready before dashing out the door. My back, it seems had other ideas.

As I straightened up after brushing my teeth there was a sudden surge of pain right in the center my back which made me buckle and end up on the floor of my en-suite. Here I lay, in my underwear, wondering what to do next. I tried to get up but the pain was excruciating and I was in agony just lying still. Oh pants, why did I shut the en-suite door?

After 40 painful minutes I had managed to open the door and drag myself, lying on my back, across the floor to the phone at the far side of my bedroom. Now what… Well I decided there wasn’t any option other than phoning for an ambulance and hope next door were in as they have a spare key.

Thankfully the neighbour was in and let the two ambulance men in, both called Chris. I was very relieved when they poked there heads around the bedroom door. They were very friendly and I was glad I had managed to struggle into a top. They tried some gas and air (which I really didn’t like) but it wasn’t enough to ease the pain so they radioed in for a paramedic who could give me something stronger. We chatted while we waited and one of them got me some of my painkillers, a drink and my mobile so I could text someone at work. A lovely lady paramedic came and after two shots of morphine I managed to get myself kind of vertical despite still being in quite a bit of pain. They got me down the stairs, onto a stretcher and then off to Addenbrookes we went.

In A&E they were more concerned that my pulse was over 150 than my back so I was quickly wired up to a heart monitor and I lost count of how many times they took my blood pressure. Eventually I saw a doctor who not only called me “interesting” but also chuckled after he mentioned going home. Apparently my pulse dropped by 30 at the mention of going home which he found funny and decided that they could then stop worrying about my pulse. I had told them it was because I don’t like hospitals but they didn’t believe me 🙂

So I was allowed home with some Tramadol and some crutches and a lovely friend and her daughters came and collected me from A&E.

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