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Weekly Witterings 2015 #5

1. Can’t quite get my head around it being February already. I created a new view at work on Friday and I usually use the month in the name and I put Jan in this one. Whoops!

2. It is my birthday today. I am not really into doing much to celebrate but I have got some friends coming round for coffee and cake this afternoon. My lovely God daughter has stated that she is going to cuddle me all day and that I need balloons and a huge cake (purple apparently, made by her and her mum).

3. My brother has given me his Garmin Swim watch, he bought it when he was training for a triathlon but doesn’t use it anymore and I was looking at getting one so he has posted it. I am looking forward to trying it out.

4. My car got new shoes (tyres) today. It is also due its MOT is March so I phoned to book it in n Monday. I joked with the guy on the phone that it will probably tell me it wants a service now (it is on variable servicing) and guess what happened on Tuesday evening. Typical! It is booked in for both on the same day now.

5. Been baking again. The whole tradition of taking cake into the office when it is your birthday is a bit odd really, surely people should give you cake on your birthday not the other way around. Anyway I have baked for work. There is quite a lot of it! Here is the selection

IMG_0065. They are toffee cupcakes with honeycomb, white chocolate caramel shortbread, flapjack, mini carrot cakes and mini lemon drizzle loaf cakes. I have also made for sausage rolls.

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Weekly Witterings #8

1. I have got into the Elevate app from the Apple Store. It is a brain training game that gives you three tests each day. The variety is good and I like most of them.

2. The clocks go back this weekend in the UK. That means getting home when it is dark and winter is on the way ❄️

3. My back decided to remind me it is still not happy this week. I had been thinking it was good and had even cut the lunchtime codeine. I don’t think I did anything to aggravate it but on Tuesday night (well technically Wednesday morning) it decided to rudely awake me at 3 something am with serious ouchness. Not impressed!

4. Decided to enjoy a lazy morning on Saturday (this morning) and made this for my breakfast:

IMG_0564.JPG The cinnamon whirls were a cheat using some Just Roll kit but they were yummy. The smoothie was a banana, some strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen berry mix and orange juice. Then of course coffee!

5. I have started my Christmas shopping well and truly now. Cards and gift wrap purchased. Some gifts ordered online and a few that have been bought during the year sorted and gathered. This year I am going to be organised and not be panic posting cards just before the last post date. I am also determined to get my parcel sent to New Zealand to Ali so it actually arrives before Christmas for a change.

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Weekly Witterings #7

1. I was bad last week and missed a Weekly Witterings. In my defence I mostly spent the weekend on the sofa with a box of tissues feeling generally a bit rubbish.

2. Why are all Guide plays a bit strange? Is it just me that doesn’t get them and wonders what goes on in their heads? Oh and why does one of my .guides think potato mashers are cool? I do think they are all pretty great though, most of the time.

3. Really enjoyed the Great British Bake Off this year. Nancy really deserved to win in the end. Also enjoying the master class episodes.

4. Been doing some baking of my own today. Apple Danish pastries (cheated as out of a box), sausage roll and rhubarb and custard cakes with Lego Movie toppers. This was the special unikitty one for Fiona as it was her birthday.


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Weekly Witterings #3

1. WordPress gets in a tizzy if you have posts with the same title so now these posts now have a number after them.

2. Made the Lakeland Rhubarb and Custard cakes. They are good!


3. Been getting ready for Guide camp (I am a Guide leader not sure if I have ever mentioned that before). So my kitchen looks like a bomb site from washing kit and finding things. Hoping for some nice weather!

4. This is what my kitchen looks like after the Guide camp Tesco food order arrives… Breakfast and lunch for 16 Guides, 1 YL and 3 Leaders for 2 days looks like a lot of food!


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