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Knitted Christmas Cracker

I have been doing some Christmas knitting.

I wanted something I could put chocolates into and give as small gifts and I thought a cracker might work. I found a crochet pattern but didn’t like it much and found a tiny one which was quite cute knitted up (next to a pen for size).


So I used this as a basis and enlarged it and tweaked the zigzag bit. This is what it have at the moment.


I want the bits that are tied to be a couple of rows bigger, I think and also work out a way to stop the cast on edge rolling up. Other that that I think I am happy with it.

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Weekly Witterings #11

1. I have started wrapping my Christmas presents and am well down the Christmas card list. Planning to be organised. Ali in New Zealand might actually get her present before New Year this year, if I get to the post office soon.

2. Had another physiotherapy session on Friday. Actually had a good few weeks in between this time! Going for four weeks between this time. I think I have decided acupuncture isn’t really doing anything for me. We gave the needles a miss this time to see. I think the manipulation, painful though it is, has more of an affect.

3. Been doing some knitting again. Just a little Christmas project. Photos when it is finished.

4. Love the Sainsburys Christmas advert. The John Lewis one is good too, who doesn’t want a pet penguin after that?

5. I went for a wander around Anglesey Abbey this afternoon. The autumn colours were beautiful so I took quite a few photos.




6. My walk round rAnglesey Abbey was about 3 miles. Quite good going for me. I had lots of pauses on damp benches. Wondering whether I should be worried that my little toe and surrounding area kept going numb or not… Was it my boots? Ummm… Other than that it felt ok, not too painful.

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Weekly Witterings #8

1. I have got into the Elevate app from the Apple Store. It is a brain training game that gives you three tests each day. The variety is good and I like most of them.

2. The clocks go back this weekend in the UK. That means getting home when it is dark and winter is on the way ❄️

3. My back decided to remind me it is still not happy this week. I had been thinking it was good and had even cut the lunchtime codeine. I don’t think I did anything to aggravate it but on Tuesday night (well technically Wednesday morning) it decided to rudely awake me at 3 something am with serious ouchness. Not impressed!

4. Decided to enjoy a lazy morning on Saturday (this morning) and made this for my breakfast:

IMG_0564.JPG The cinnamon whirls were a cheat using some Just Roll kit but they were yummy. The smoothie was a banana, some strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen berry mix and orange juice. Then of course coffee!

5. I have started my Christmas shopping well and truly now. Cards and gift wrap purchased. Some gifts ordered online and a few that have been bought during the year sorted and gathered. This year I am going to be organised and not be panic posting cards just before the last post date. I am also determined to get my parcel sent to New Zealand to Ali so it actually arrives before Christmas for a change.

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Crochet Christmas Tree

Is it too early for Christmas crafts? Well this is my first Christmas creation of this year.
It is adapted from this website
I couldn’t work all of it out but I think it is pretty close (goggle translate isn’t so great on crochet teams it seems).


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