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Weekly Witterings #20

1. I got a new chair at work on Monday which I like now I have got used to it. My leg and back were not too impressed for the first couple of days but now I a pretty comfortable. I also got a new mouse and said good by to my very old one which I think I got in about 2002 but the scroll wheel was not working properly so it was time to say goodbye.

2. After work on Monday I ordered my new bathrooms 😀 after going to look at the designs. 

The bathroom will be like this with grey tiles with a mosaic boarder.  

And the ensuite is going to be a wet room like this.  

I am rather excited about the wet room!

The next step is the installation survey and a date for it to start.

3.  On Friday I swam 2000 meters for the first time in ages so I am very pleased with that! It took me 36 minutes snow I want to get faster. 

4. Mattress update, I love it! It is one of these.

5. Yesterday I met up with my friend Liz and went to Crafty Monkey to paint some pottery. These are my creations before they went in the kiln.


The owl mug is a gift for my lovely owl and rainbow obsessed God Daughter for when her baby brother arrives. The vase and small round box are for my new ensuite once it is fitted.

I am looking forward to seeing them finished.

6. Molly-May has arrived at my brother ans sister-in-laws house.   

Isn’t she cute?

And Lenny seems to like her  

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Weekly Witterings #11

1. After last week I have only been into the office once this week, on Monday afternoon to see our graduates presentation as she completed her rotation with us this week.  We get her back in six months though as she is joining our team perminantly when she completes the graduates scheme.

2. I have ditched the crutches at last, and for the last few days I have been making an effort to go for a short walk at least once a day. I can only manage about 7 minutes at the moment (more if I take a crutch) but it is improving.  I might try a swim soon.

3. Good Friday was Messy Easter Day at church. This is a couple of the crafts, Palm leaves and an egg that opens to reveal the cross.  I like to think of the egg being a bit like the tomb. 

4. It is Easter Day today.  It makes me wonder how many people actually know why it is a bank holiday weekend…

5. This week I have been working on some crochet bunting as well as creating these little monsters for Jack, Emily and Eilidh.  More about the bunting later. 


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Easter Monsters

These little monsters are crocheted using this pattern.  

I have adapted it slightly as my plastic eggs must have been larger, so I increased the stitches to 30 (by doing 4 single crochets followed by 2 singles in the next stich for a round) and then did two or three extra rounds on both the bottom and the top.

I also crocheted an eye by doing 8 singles into a magic ring, changing colour and doing a round of single chrochets followed by a round of two single chrochets into each stitch.  The teeth were sort of three single chrochets joined to one and then sewn a bit to shape.


So I have mad three; blue for Emily, green for Jack and a purple rainbow one for Eilidh.  I just need to get some sort of chocolate egg to go inside now.

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Weekly Witterings 2015 #10

1.  I did some crocheting again last week.  I have made these for Lisa’s hen party and will be using them to make some decorations.  Won’t say more than that for now.     

The flowers are from here and the butterflies from here.

Have also made some gifts for Easter so I will post about those once the recipients have them.

2. The back has been improving, although it is slow.  I have been I to the office a bit this week but it is really exhausting and by Friday I was really pretty tired and uncomfortable.  More working from home this week!

3.  I bought a new laptop this week.  My old one was getting unreliable, was randomly blue screenng and then I ended up doing a reset after the last blue screen as it wouldn’t come back on.  So now I have an ASUS Transformer with a 15.6″ touchscreen that can rotate to use like a tablet.  So far I am quite pleased with it but have been mainly copying files onto it!

4.  Getting a bit fed up of not being able to do much now.  I might try a swim later in the week, the physio said it would be I as long as I don’t go crazy and expect to do lots of lengths.  I can always enjoy the jacuzzi anyway.

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Women’s Day 2015

Today was the Women’s Day at church.  I decided I couldn’t manage the whole day and certainly was not up for doing the refreshments like I was planning to. I did manage to go and set up the coffee machine etc. and be at the prayer time last night though which was good.

I managed to go to the afternoon session but wasn’t realy concentrating much on what was being said.

The gifts were a success though.  We made coasters this year.  


There were eight different ones with different verses and pictures.  They all had the surender image on the underside.  Mary-Ann and Fiona helped with the cutting of photos and assembling.

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Knitted Christmas Cracker

I have been doing some Christmas knitting.

I wanted something I could put chocolates into and give as small gifts and I thought a cracker might work. I found a crochet pattern but didn’t like it much and found a tiny one which was quite cute knitted up (next to a pen for size).


So I used this as a basis and enlarged it and tweaked the zigzag bit. This is what it have at the moment.


I want the bits that are tied to be a couple of rows bigger, I think and also work out a way to stop the cast on edge rolling up. Other that that I think I am happy with it.

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More Bunnies

So two more bunnies made.


Bit sad that they are now separated, one in Wellington New Zealand and one still here in Cambridge area.

Beth is pleased with her grey on according to Mummy and so is William according to his Mummy.

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Knitted Bunny

My latest creation is a bunny for a new baby a church called Sophia. She has two big brothers and lovely parents.
The pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbits.
I have the boy and girl bunny patterns, I am doing a boy bunny for another baby at the moment.

The patterns have lots are details and are easy to follow. I just wish the whole pattern was in double knit as I never have any 4 ply yarn so I just kind of adapted it a bit.

Quite pleased with the end result and love the little tail.


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Creations for a new baby and her sister

I think making thing for other people is one of my favorite hobbies. I love deciding what to make for someone and having them in mind when I am making it. Then I love giving it to them and hoping they like it. Making things for new babies tops the list of favourite people to create something for.

This giraffe was created for a friends new baby girl who is about two weeks old now.

I didn’t like the tail in the book, it wasn’t very baby safe, so I changed it.

The new baby already has a lovely big sister and I didn’t want her to feel left out so she got this little owl.

I have heard that the owl is a hit and cheered up the big sister who hasn’t been feeling very well today.

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So I thought I would do some sewing for a change…

And so I created this Owl cushion.


It isn’t perfect but I am pleased with it.

I started by drawing my owl on some paper and making some templates. Then I cut my pieces out and used some of that iron fixing stuff to position it onto my background piece. The pieces were then sewn on by hand (I was a bit scared to machine it and I quite like sewing).

Once the owl was done I decided to make a border with corners in a different fabric to carry on the patchwork effect.

The back is fairly basic.


With an overlap to hold the cushion in. I didn’t want it all the same pattern though so did it it two.

The only thing I am not so happy with is that you can see the cushion through the cream background fabric as it isn’t very thick. I might stitch an extra white layer panel in, but I think I will live with it first and see how much it bothers me.

This was my first project using my new Ikea sewing machine. The cushion is also an Ikea purchase and is smaller than normal cushion. I haven’t done anything like this since I was about 13 and in a textiles lesson at school where I made an appliqué cat cushion. I will have to see if I can find it.

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