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Bank Holiday Weekend

I started the bank holiday by not having a lie in but going to Messy Easter at church. I had lots of fun making bunny rabbits from plastic cups and then went into church for the short message. I forgot to have a good look at the Jesus Light Railway that had been set up as the stations of the cross so I am hoping the someone took some photos.

Then I drove up to Hunstanton to meet Mum and Dad at the flat.

On Saturday we went for a drive and ended up in Walsingham. Dad had a look at the little railway that end there and Mum and I went for a nose round the shrine there. We didn’t really know what it was just that it was marked on the map. It seems to be an Anglian retreat type place with some interesting history. Felt a bit high church for me but was a good peaceful space with some beautiful architecture. Have a look here if you are interested.

Mum and I also had a bit of a wander along the beach to Sainsburys to get some pizza and garlic bread.

In the evening we were amused by the mummy duck crossing her ducklings over the road. Thankfully the cars stopped. They spent the night in the flower bed in the front garden of the neighbouring bungalow. This is her earlier. She must have crossed them over the road twice to get to the garden from here.


On Sunday mum and I went to the Easter morning service at Union Church Hunstanton. Mum has been a couple of times. It seems like a nice friendly church, not sure if I will be brave enough to go on my own though. The sermon was good and he highlighted a couple of things I hadn’t really considered about the Easter story before, the way that Jesus first appeared to women (who in bible times were not seen as great witnesses) particularly struck me. Not that I have noticed that before but I haven’t really thought about it and how women being less important to men how that would have been viewed at the time. Sam, the minister, also pointed out that this is the first time Jesus refers to the disciples as brothers and to God our father not just Jesus’ father. This bring home the relevance of the cross and resurrection and our relationship with God through that.

In the afternoon I went for a wander along the beach with Mum and Dad and we got ice creams even though it wasn’t that warm.

I drove back on Sunday evening.

Let me leave this post with a photo from the flat of the sun setting on Saturday evening. I love the sunsets in Hunstanton over the sea.


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