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Weekly Witterings #20

1. I got a new chair at work on Monday which I like now I have got used to it. My leg and back were not too impressed for the first couple of days but now I a pretty comfortable. I also got a new mouse and said good by to my very old one which I think I got in about 2002 but the scroll wheel was not working properly so it was time to say goodbye.

2. After work on Monday I ordered my new bathrooms 😀 after going to look at the designs. 

The bathroom will be like this with grey tiles with a mosaic boarder.  

And the ensuite is going to be a wet room like this.  

I am rather excited about the wet room!

The next step is the installation survey and a date for it to start.

3.  On Friday I swam 2000 meters for the first time in ages so I am very pleased with that! It took me 36 minutes snow I want to get faster. 

4. Mattress update, I love it! It is one of these.

5. Yesterday I met up with my friend Liz and went to Crafty Monkey to paint some pottery. These are my creations before they went in the kiln.


The owl mug is a gift for my lovely owl and rainbow obsessed God Daughter for when her baby brother arrives. The vase and small round box are for my new ensuite once it is fitted.

I am looking forward to seeing them finished.

6. Molly-May has arrived at my brother ans sister-in-laws house.   

Isn’t she cute?

And Lenny seems to like her  

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Holiday with lots of visits

I decided to take the week before Lisa and Dave’s  wedding off and stay somewhere in the area and make time to catch up with everyone.

I started by driving down to Southampton on the Sunday to meet up with the Wood family who live in Toton. It was so good to see them and I was very pleased that both Beth and Reuben were not shy as I haven’t seen them for several years. We went to the New Forrest Wildlife Park for a bit of a wander. Then we went back the their house and had dinner and a game of Carcassome before Beth and Reuben went to bed and I had a good catch up with Melissa and Dave.

I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express next to the M271, which was comfortable but a little noisy when people started to get up at 6:30 ish.


On Monday I had a quick trip to West Quay shopping centre and IKEA before heading to Freham to meet up with Jenny and her little boy Benjamin. Unfortunately her husband Paul was working and her daughter Suzannah was at school so I didn’t get to see them but I had a nice time with Jenny and Benjamin.

After that I headed to Port Solent to locate my holiday home for the week. It was lovely.  

On Monday evening I met with with Katie and Cath and we headed to Pizza Express at Gun Wharf Quays, Katie has a NUS card so we took advantage of their 40% off on Mondays offer. Then we headed to Scoops for desert.  

Cath and I managed to finish our but Katie’s beat her.

On Tuesday I went to my Auties house in Emsworth and also met up with my Cousin Karen and her boys Elliott (2.5 ish) and Rupert (9 weeks). I got Rupert cuddles 😊. Later Charlie came round too.

In the evening I went to Jim and Claire’s house for dinner and Katina was there too. After dinner we assembled the children’s gift bags for Lisa and Dave’s wedding that Claire and Katrina had been busy organising.

On Wednesday I went to my Uncles house in Nutbourne and also saw his other half Susan. A bit Latter Karen called in to tell her dad something so I saw her, Elliott and Rupert again too which was a nice bonus.

Wednesday Evening was spent with the Morehouse family, Ricky, Laura, Abi and Jess. I got to read Jess and Abi their bedtime story.

On Thurday morning I had sometime to chill and the weather was lovely so I sat on the balcony and did some chrochet before meetin up with Paul, Laura and Matthew their little boy. I also got to catch up briefly with Laura’s mum and go and see the house they are doing up and extending which was quite exciting.

Friday was spent doing final wedding preparations with Lisa and meeting the bridemaid I didn’t know Bre and her husband and mum. It was also good to see Lisa’s parents before the wedding day.

Saturday was Lisa and Dave’s wedding so I was up early and at Lisa’s parents for getting ready which was lots of fun. See the blog about the wedding for more on that.

Sunday was my last day of my holiday and after a quick trip to Gun Wharf Quays for some retail therapy (nice new Radley bag at 50% off) I met up with lots of friends at one of our usually pubs. It was espcailly nice to catch up with Sarah and her boyfriend Chris s I hadn’t seen her for several years! Then we all went for a little wander by the sea before my drive home. 

A hectic but lovely week! 

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Wedding Fun

Lisa and Dave are married  

And I was their chief bridesmaid (which means I did lots of hen party planning and sat on the end of the top table).  

And there were two other bridesmaids, Julie and Bre and two mini-made a Mille and Beth.  

The church was St George’s in Sothbourne and the reception venu was Southbourne Village Hall which was beautifully decorated. I particularly liked the huge helium balloons.   

 It was a lovely day and it was particularly good to catch up with lots of University friends and their numerous offspring. Still not entirely sure how two of the boys each lost a shoe, seemingly onto the railway tracks…

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Weekly Witterings #5

1. The night before we sailed into Venice we went through a storm. 50+ mph winds and 70+ mph gusts hitting the side of the ship along with thunder and lightning. I woke up to the captain making an announcement which basically told everyone not to panics the ship isn’t sinking. I had slipped down the bed quite a bit due to the ship healing over in the wind.

2. Sailing into Venice was amazing. So glad to do it again before they stop the big ships sailing up past St Mark’s Square and the entrance to the Grand Canal.


3. Great trip down to Portsmouth. Lisa bought the first wedding dress she tried on (we made her try other on too) and we found a bridesmaid dress for Julie and me.

4. Portsmouth feels strangely familiar but not. I has been about two years since my last trip down.

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Creations for a new baby and her sister

I think making thing for other people is one of my favorite hobbies. I love deciding what to make for someone and having them in mind when I am making it. Then I love giving it to them and hoping they like it. Making things for new babies tops the list of favourite people to create something for.

This giraffe was created for a friends new baby girl who is about two weeks old now.

I didn’t like the tail in the book, it wasn’t very baby safe, so I changed it.

The new baby already has a lovely big sister and I didn’t want her to feel left out so she got this little owl.

I have heard that the owl is a hit and cheered up the big sister who hasn’t been feeling very well today.

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Feeling blessed

What a great birthday weekend. Nothing crazy and exciting but lots of time relaxing with friends.

Phone calls, cards and pressies from family.
Lovely text messages, cards and emails from friends further away.
Lie ins.
Lots of Facebook birthday greetings.
Visits from local friends.
A yummy lunch with lunch and dinner.
Some baking.
Cuddles with beautiful Eilidh.
Coffee and cakes with more friends.
Playing with Lego.
Some craft in the form of Women’s Day gifts and Messy Praise prep.
Larry the Lego lantern.
Lots of laughter.
Oh and I’d I mention CAKE.

Feeling rather tired now (had a few bad night with stupid back), watching Call The Midwife in my PJs.

So thankful for my family and all my wonderful friends, both near and far 🙂

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Grey Men’s Hat

I originally made this hat for my brother but that is a secret as I gave it to a friend instead. 😉

So this hat now belongs to Graham at church who says he loves it and seems to wear it a lot and has been telling people about it and showing them the ‘Handmade fro Alli’ label in it so I am guessing he is pleased. He also wants a navy version for his brother-in-law so that must be a good thing.

I am grateful to Graham as he has been giving me advice about my back, which has been really helpful. He is a semi retired Physio, as in he doesn’t do the NHS stuff any more but he clearly still loves the role and likes to help people. I am glad I got to know him before I knew he was a Physio as I generally avoid them as, well… they are scary and I tend not to trust them when I first meet them, Graham, however, is must nicer than the average one and I trust him.

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Christmas Stockings

This is a selection of the Christmas Stockings that I knitted this Christmas.

The pattern I used can be found by following the link below, but I made the heart design up.
knitted stocking patern

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Counting my blessings

Sometimes I wallow in self pity, we all do it, thinking about how bad life is. Today has been one of those days where I have just thought why me, if only I could get rid of the pain and not be limited in what I can do without making it worse. The pain levels have been high for the last few days, I haven’t slept well as a result and I am tired and grumpy.

I have reminded myself that although my life is not as great as it could be it could be worse. I have loving parents and family, great friends, a job, a home i would only have dreamed of five years ago and I was thinking this as I drove home so nice car was on the list too! And well I am off to New Wine in a couple of days so life isn’t so bad after all!

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Brilliant Day!

Today was our Women’s Day at church.  The theme was “Keeping Hope Alive”. We had about 230 women from all over the area there.  I was heading up the refreshments team with Lesley which was great fun as well as full on.  It feels like we have been boiling kettles and filling thermos jugs with coffee all day!

I had been asked to give a testimony and share some of my story.  I was pretty nervous about sharing, partly because a lot of people here didn’t know and part of me kind of liked it that way.  As I said to Sue afterwards, my secret is well and truly out now!  The testimony was to be shared with Helen kind of interviewing me which made it a bit less scary.  When we met to discuss it we both shed a tear though and I really didn’t want to stand up there and cry.

The speaker in the morning was Christine Perkins and her first session was so relevant to my testimony!  the way Helen and I had chosen to end my testimony fitted so well with what Christine had said.  I used my Reflecting… blog post that I wrote after the last Women’s day, the verse I had in the gift just summed it up for me.

Strangely it was all fine and I am not sure how I did it or what I said but it seemed to go well.  I may never know whether it spoke to people there in a particular way but I trust that God wanted me to do it and that he had a message in there somewhere!

Amazingly at the end of the day Lesley had been tidying up and had found Val’s engagement ring, which she lost at the last Women’s day.  Val was truly shocked and touched!  The ring she had given up on ever seeing again had turned up!  What a perfect ending to a brilliant day!

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