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Weekly Witterings 2015 #7

1.  Today is Thinking Day when Guides all around the world think about each other and how we are linked by one organisation. We also think about those early Guides who wanted something like the boys had in Scouting, fun, adventure and friendship which are still key to Guiding today.

2.  I really should start thinking bout the gifts for our church Women’s Day soon.  The event is on 21st March so will come around quickly.

3.  Work is busy at the moment, good but hectic.  I might have a business trip to Saltzburg soon to do a hackathon thing.

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Weekly Witterings #7

1. I was bad last week and missed a Weekly Witterings. In my defence I mostly spent the weekend on the sofa with a box of tissues feeling generally a bit rubbish.

2. Why are all Guide plays a bit strange? Is it just me that doesn’t get them and wonders what goes on in their heads? Oh and why does one of my .guides think potato mashers are cool? I do think they are all pretty great though, most of the time.

3. Really enjoyed the Great British Bake Off this year. Nancy really deserved to win in the end. Also enjoying the master class episodes.

4. Been doing some baking of my own today. Apple Danish pastries (cheated as out of a box), sausage roll and rhubarb and custard cakes with Lego Movie toppers. This was the special unikitty one for Fiona as it was her birthday.


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Weekly Witterings #6

1. Why is it that when you get back to work after a holiday it only took ages a couple of hours for the holiday to seem a long time ago?

2. 10,000 + Guides, Senior Section and Leaders at Wembley Arena make a lot of noise when screaming, even with ear plugs in! Big Gig 2014 was great though and we successfully got 19 Guides, 1 YL and 3 Leaders home safe and happy.

3. Not liking the dark evenings 😦 Roll on next summer!

4. Was a lovely warm week, unseasonably so. On Friday we even sat in a pub beer garden for lunch. This was the view over the fields on my lunchtime walk.


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Weekly Witterings #4

1. Guide camp went well. No rain all weekend and lots of happy Guides.

2. Cruises are great. Currently cruising around Italy on P&O’s Ventura, today we are in Naples and we (Mum, Dad and me) have been to Sorento. I love waking up in different places and generally feeling somewhat spoilt by lovely food etc.

3. This was the view from Mum and Dad’s balcony this morning just before we headed off for breakfast. It is Vesuvius and the


4. Poor little Lenny (my nephew puppy) has had the snip. He looks very sorry for himself in his cone of shame.


5. Still a few days left of my holiday. Looking forward to cruising into Venice.

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Weekly Witterings #3

1. WordPress gets in a tizzy if you have posts with the same title so now these posts now have a number after them.

2. Made the Lakeland Rhubarb and Custard cakes. They are good!


3. Been getting ready for Guide camp (I am a Guide leader not sure if I have ever mentioned that before). So my kitchen looks like a bomb site from washing kit and finding things. Hoping for some nice weather!

4. This is what my kitchen looks like after the Guide camp Tesco food order arrives… Breakfast and lunch for 16 Guides, 1 YL and 3 Leaders for 2 days looks like a lot of food!


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