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The Salon replied

I got the reply below.  At least I feel like I have had a rant and the manager understands, although I also feel guilty that the poor hairdresser has probably got in trouble.

Doesn’t stop me hating my hair though!



I’m really sorry you feel the way you do.

I can totally agree that if your hair doesn’t feel right then it makes you feel awful.

I will definitely be looking into this, I know you didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I can’t have any of my staff leaving clients feeling this way.

Please leave it with me and I can assure you that I will do my best to find out how you came to this outcome.

Kind regards, etc..

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Still not happy with the hair

Well I am still not happy and I have decided that it doesn’t look like a mullet, it looks like I have helmet hair from wearing a crash hat!  I took the scissors to the front bits and cut them so they are more like how I usually have them last night and that made me feel a bit better but I still hate it.  I had a rant at Katrina (thaks for listening mate!) who probably thinks I am insane and going crazy over nothing but I still seriously hate it.  I can’t beleive it cost me £31.80 and I wish I hadn’t bothered as, fair enough it was a bit of a mess as all the ends were split but at least I could look in a mirror without crying!

I have just sent the following in an email to the salon who I will name and shame, so none of you who read this will ever go there, as NIVARNA SALONS in Fareham.  I now wait to see if they bother to respond. 


I don’t usually complain about anything and the other times I have been to your salon I have loved how they have cut my hair, but I am so upset I feel I have to say something. 

I had my hair cut on Tuesday and basically asked for the same again, just tidy it up a bit and what I have ended up is something that I hate and I feel devastated as the only things I liked about myself were my eyes and my hair and now I hate my hair. 

Maybe it is my fault and I was not clear enough but I certainly didn’t want the cut I ended up with and I would have thought a hair dresser would understand “I want the same thing again” and be able to see what it looked like at the start but obviously not.  We were even talking about how long it takes to grow and how I liked the length.  I only realised that she was cutting layers into the back when it was a bit late as she had already done half my head otherwise I would have said stop.   

I am now left with a cut that I think makes it look like I have been wearing a crash helmet and I feel I have to tie my hair back, as I can’t stand looking at it in the mirror otherwise, when I usually wear my hair down. It will probably take a good year or more to grow out the bits I hate as they are about 3-4 inches shorted than the rest of my hair and I feel so miserable about it that I cried as I blow dried my hair this morning and I am close to tears writing this now while sat at my desk at work.   

All I wanted was for it to look nice for a friends wedding and a holiday in May and now I have no idea what I am going to do with my hair for either as I don’t like having it tied back and I can’t stand it down.  Last night I spent my evening trying to style it so that I liked it and failed miserably and ended up getting out my scissors and trying to cut the front how I usually have it as I decided I couldn’t make it any worse and I do feel it is slightly better but there isn’t anything that I can do to get rid of the bits I really hate as I can’t make them grow back any faster, I will just have to live with it till it grows. 

After crying down the phone to a friend last night she told me I should come back in and tell you I don’t like it but I can’t face doing that.  I don’t want to get the hair dresser in trouble (hence not mentioning her name) as she probably thinks it looked great, I just need to explain that I hate what she did to my hair and I won’t be coming back in future and certainly won’t recommend you and I used to. 



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Don’t mention my hair!

I am in a bad mood today and all because I have had my hair cut and I hate it!  I know it is vain and petty but one of the only things I like about my appearance was my hair (the only other thing being my eyes) and now I don’t like it. 

I wanted it cut in the same way as last time and said "oh just tidy it up and get rid of the messy ends and cut the shape back in" and what I am left with is a horrid, layered, chavy cut that reminds me of a mullet.  I also look at it and realise that it is going to take about two years to grow these hideous layered bits out so it is back to being the long mainly one length that I like, so I am stuck with it basically unless I have the length cut to match the layers which I would also hate as it would be too short.

I am not happy and if anyone mentions my hair I will cry, especially anything along the lines of "I think it is nice" or "it isn’t that bad" or "it doesn’t look like a chavy mullet" these sorts of comments won’t help me think it looks any better so don’t even try. 

So to all my friends who see me in the next few days don’t ask why my hair is tied back when it is hardly ever tied back as it is because I hate it and the mentioning of it will probably make me cry.

Anyone know how to make hair grow faster?

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