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Hen Party Happenings

There were two parts to the fun, the afternoon had a school theme including lunch and some lessons, the main event being art class.

The other lessons were little quizzes, an English lesson with questions about Lisa, a Registration lesson where people had to get other to sign squares and a photo quiz guessing Lisa’s ages and years which was the Maths lesson. 


There was also a photo booth and a scrap book that guests were encouraged to make a page for.  

There were decorations including my chrochet butting and flowers  

And a table or two for food and drink including little milk bottles (school milk used to be a UK thing but I am not of the right age to remember it) and a tuck shop.  

Art class was a life drawing class with a “Rob the Naked Guy” (that’s how he signed his message in Lisa’s scrap book) which everyone got into and took quite seriously. Some of the poses involved others…  

The evening was the graduation party

And there was lots of giggling, games and pizza (about £170 worth!!!)  


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Weekly Witterings #15

1. It is a bank holiday weekend in the UK today so I have been enjoying a three day weekend! Bank holidays are great 😃

2. My God Daughter turned 4 on Saturday, where did those years go? I doesn’t seem that long that she was sleeping on my lap, that we were watching her take her first steps and listening to her shouting “yah yah” at me because she couldn’t say Alli. Now she is a little person who knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like and loves rainbows, owls and Fireman Sam. Love her so much! We have been celebrating with a BBQ and cake, her other God Mother Mars came down for the weekend too so it was good to see her.

3. The rest of my bank holiday weekend has been busy getting things ready for Lisa’s hen party. I have made quiz sheets, bunting, a flower and butterfly garland, decorated milk bottles, prepared the prizes, made badges and spoken to the life model. Phew…

This the is flower and butterfly garland.  

4. I also had a nice chat with Lisa this morning.

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Weekly Witterings #13

1. This week has been fairly quiet. That means I have time for craft 🙂

2. I have made a little chrochet robot though  

He will be sold at the local school fair in the summe, there is a group of ladies in the village who are crafting some bits to sell. Unfortunately the way schools in the UK are funded means that certain schools get more or less funding due to the apparent social situatuation of an area and schools in Cambridgshire get one of the lowest amounts per child and this year the local school is struggling to make the budget work. Before Easter a couple of the .teaching Assistants were made redundant so we are trying to raise some money with our little craft efforts.

3.  I also made this badge for Lisa to wear for her Hen party which I have been planing   

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