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Weekly Witterings #5

1. The night before we sailed into Venice we went through a storm. 50+ mph winds and 70+ mph gusts hitting the side of the ship along with thunder and lightning. I woke up to the captain making an announcement which basically told everyone not to panics the ship isn’t sinking. I had slipped down the bed quite a bit due to the ship healing over in the wind.

2. Sailing into Venice was amazing. So glad to do it again before they stop the big ships sailing up past St Mark’s Square and the entrance to the Grand Canal.


3. Great trip down to Portsmouth. Lisa bought the first wedding dress she tried on (we made her try other on too) and we found a bridesmaid dress for Julie and me.

4. Portsmouth feels strangely familiar but not. I has been about two years since my last trip down.

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Weekly Witterings #4

1. Guide camp went well. No rain all weekend and lots of happy Guides.

2. Cruises are great. Currently cruising around Italy on P&O’s Ventura, today we are in Naples and we (Mum, Dad and me) have been to Sorento. I love waking up in different places and generally feeling somewhat spoilt by lovely food etc.

3. This was the view from Mum and Dad’s balcony this morning just before we headed off for breakfast. It is Vesuvius and the


4. Poor little Lenny (my nephew puppy) has had the snip. He looks very sorry for himself in his cone of shame.


5. Still a few days left of my holiday. Looking forward to cruising into Venice.

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Aren’t bank holidays great!

I had Friday off work to go shopping with Lisa, Julie and Sam (he may only be 1 but he seems to like shopping).  We went to Southampton and had fun buying things to wear to Jim and Claire’s wedding next Saturday.  I will be wearing a dark blue skirt with a white strapless corset type top and a blue pashmina that matches the skirt, all bought on Friday.  I was going to wear a pale blue skirt but decided I liked the dark blue one and so will be wearing that now.  Lisa bought a dress and hat which make her look really smart, she was very pleased as the dress was what she had in mind and exactly on her budget, it was also the first thing she tried on.  Julie already had her dress but got a pretty flower hair clip to wear.  When we got home we assembled at Julie’s house and Lisa and I tried on our outfit and thankfully had just finished changing when Ben arrived home from work, he got a preview of our outfits.  Julie then did Lisa’s make-up, she looked very pretty. 
Over the bank holiday weekend Ian Davis came down for a visit.  Ian was a housemate of mine for 2 years at Uni and we are still good friends.  It was great to see him and catch up and we all had a brilliant weekend.  Ian arrived at about 10:30 on Friday evening and we had a bit of a chat before we went off to bed.  Ian was very impressed with my decorating and liked sleeping in my Purple room.  I am still using the Coffee room as I haven’t quite finished the purple room and moved back into that one yet. 
On Saturday we met up with Katie and Roy and then went for a picnic at Royal Victoria Country Park ( via Tesco to get some food.  We were later joined by Simon and Jane and had a good game of Frisbee followed by ice cream.  On the way back we attempted to go and visit Netley Abbey ( but the car park was already over full so we didn’t bother.  We did decided to have a nose and see what Hamble-le-Rice was like and after finding a parking space went for a little wander and then found a rather nice pub and sat and had a drink in the beer garden enjoying the sun before heading back to my house.  In the evening we went to Azuro at gun Wharf for some tasty Italian food.  Following dinner we went to Katie and Roy’s house for a long game of Phase 10 which Roy won. 
On Sunday Ian and I went to church.  I am sure they are all thinking that Ian and I are going out now so I will have to set them straight next Sunday!  For lunch we met Katie and Roy and went to Traf House in Portsmouth, when we were at Uni it was a rather nasty, dingy halls of residence but is now Lloyds bar!  The service was particularly slow and Katie’s chips were cold so we were not very impressed.  Cath joined us as we were eating and we left after she had finished her lunch which took 50 minutes to arrive.  We ended up back at my house and didn’t really do much until going to the Toby Carvery where we all ate too much, laughed lots at a Yorkshire pudding that Cath got and were shocked at the rude pictures they had on the wall!  Then it was back to my house for another round of Phase 10, introducing it to Cath as she had never played before, this time Ian won.  Following that we had our short trip to Portsdown hill before it was bed time. 
On Monday Ian had a rather long lie in so we didn’t meet up till about 1 pm.  After much indecisiveness we decided to go to Arundel for some lunch and a walk and nose around.  We started with lunch and went to the Black Rabbit which is a lovely pub on the river with views of the castle, the food was excellent.  After that we went for a walk up to the castle (, we didn’t go in as it is £12 and as it was about 3.30 by this time we would only have had 1 ½ hours to look around.  We walked back to the wet lands area and got ice creams and then walked around the lake and back to the car.  When we got back we had a drink at Katie and Roy’s before it was time for Ian to go home.   
It was a great extended weekend!
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Where I am going on my next cruise

As my latest cruise is rapidly approaching I thought it was time that I published my itinerary for it!
 Day                  Location
Day 1                Southampton
Day 2                At Sea
Day 3                At Sea
Day 4                Gibraltar
Day 5                At Sea
Day6                 Messina – Sicily
Day 7                Cephalonia – Greece
Day 8                Korcula – Dalamatia
Day 8                Venice – Italy
Day 10              Dubrovnik – Dalamatia
Day 11              Corfu – Greece
Day 12              At Sea
Day 13              Palma – Majorca
Day 14              At Sea
Day 15              At Sea
Day 16              At Sea
Day 17              Southampton


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30/4/05 Day 17 – Southampton – UK

Home again, how depressing :o(

It was chaotic getting off and the system was running about 1 hour late but I am home now and just have unpacking to do.  Mum and Dad have left to drive back up to Rugby and I am left sitting looking at my suitcase wishing I was back off on another cruise again.  Oh well will have to get saving for the next one!

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29/4/05 Day 16 – At Sea

It has been rather foggy today.  The ships whistle has been going all day realty and occasionally we have heard other ships whistles replying in the distance.  When you looked out of the window at dinner you couldn’t see the sea at all – just fog.  It has been pretty calm seas though which has pleased Mum.  Been packing and buying last few bits and bob from the shop – like a bag as I couldn’t fit everything back in my suitcase!

It was sad saying goodbye to our waiters, taking their photos and handing out the tips.  Maybe we will meet again on another cruise.

The last show was on tonight – Bollywood Dreams which was pretty good.  They had some of the crew in it which was fun and I think we all enjoyed it.

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28/4/05 Day 15 – At Sea

The weather is still good so I have made the most of it as it will probably not be too great tomorrow.  I quite like days at sea as it is nice and relaxing

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27/4/05 Day 14 – Gibraltar – Gibraltar

We only had half a day in Gibraltar and we were also in there is Aurora so there were lots of people around.  We got off early and went straight towards the cable car and Dad and Eric wanted to go up to the top of the rock and see the apes.  Pauline, Mum and I didn’t bother as we have done it before; we went for a quick look around the gardens and then headed off to the shops.  Got some bits and bobs in the shops including a little monkey who although a rather sad tourist thing I just couldn’t resist!

When we got back we went for a look around Aurora, the process was a bit chaotic as the people on Aurora were queuing to go on Arcadia and we were queuing to go on Aurora so loads of people were milling around in the terminal and the noise was incredible.  Aurora has a very different style of interior and is much more traditional with more English style carpets and wood panels all over the place.  The pools didn’t look too amazing and the buffet food area is a bit hideously brightly coloured but over all it is a very nice ship and I would certainly be happy to go on a cruise on it. 

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26/4/05 Day 13 – Cartagena (Spain) – Spain

Cartagena was a nice surprise as we didn’t think it was going to be very good from the blurb we had read, but we found lots of places to look at and wander around and it seems that they are trying to make the place a bit more of a tourist Port.  The ship was berthed just outside the mariner and it was a really short walk to the front which is a nice fresh and new-ish looking area lined with palm trees.  From there we walked past the town hall (which is probably better when it isn’t covered in scaffolding where they are sprucing it up) and around to the Roman Theatre and the old Cathedral entrance.  They are still working on excavating this but you can still have a bit of a look.  Next we headed off to a lift up to the castle, this was not good for Mum as it is a glass lift which is basically in a scaffolding tower which stands separately by the side of the hill and there is a walkway at the top with glass sides.  When we got to the top of the lift there were some gardens to walk though and then you came to the castle which is open to wander around and had a couple of bit and bob to look at.  The best bit was the view over the whole area.  After that we headed off towards a place where you can see some ancient walls and a crypt which are bout 2000 + years old.  We stopped for ice cream on the way and had fun trying to explain what we wanted to the nice friendly ice cream man who didn’t speak English.  We made it to the place with the walls just in time to have a look round before it closed up for the siesta.  After that we just headed back to the ship and as we had missed lunch just had some afternoon tea before going to get ready for dinner.

Our waiter Anthony returned tonight with his poor finger all wrapped up.  He looked like he had had plenty of sleep and a good rest and seems rather pleased that we had been asking after him.  Normal dinner service was resumed which was good, although Trevor had got it sussed last night!

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25/4/05 Day 12 – Palma – Majorca

This morning we got off and had a look around Palma, we started off by going to the cathedral and the attached museum (although I am not sure how they can call a couple of really small rooms a museum) which was quite impressive, beautiful stained glass windows.  Then we wandered up to a square where there were a couple of human statues, one dressed all in green (who was about to pack up) and one dressed as Zorro.  After that we walked up a street and looked at a few shops. On the way back through the square Pauline had her photo taken with the Zorro one pretending to have a duel. Then we walked back towards the ship looking in some other shops on the way and I bought a bracelet.  Near the sea front we stopped and each had an ice cream and then we headed back to the ship. 

Today is Pauline’s birthday, so at dinner we had cake with our coffee and the waiters gathered to sing happy birthday.

Anthony is still not back, so his finger must be quite bad.  Trevor was there again and he seems to have got a better idea of what he is doing tonight which is good.  Bruno anticipated that he would forget to not put chocolate on my cappuccino and when he noticed I had it he whisked it away and produced one that he had got for me specially – now that is service!!!

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