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Knitted Christmas Cracker

I have been doing some Christmas knitting.

I wanted something I could put chocolates into and give as small gifts and I thought a cracker might work. I found a crochet pattern but didn’t like it much and found a tiny one which was quite cute knitted up (next to a pen for size).


So I used this as a basis and enlarged it and tweaked the zigzag bit. This is what it have at the moment.


I want the bits that are tied to be a couple of rows bigger, I think and also work out a way to stop the cast on edge rolling up. Other that that I think I am happy with it.

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More Bunnies

So two more bunnies made.


Bit sad that they are now separated, one in Wellington New Zealand and one still here in Cambridge area.

Beth is pleased with her grey on according to Mummy and so is William according to his Mummy.

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Weekly Witterings #1

1. Monday was a wet bank holiday so I spent it mainly knitting


2. Loving this years Great British Bake Off. This weeks episode included #BinGate. Who do you want to win?

3. Managed 40 lengths in the pool this week, which is about 700 meters, in about 15 minutes. Nt bad I guess…

4. My walking is still improving but more slowly than the swimming. Back walking at lunchtimes though and enjoying views like this


Cambridge University have been building around the West site and this lake is part of the new landscaping. It makes walking around the office nicer and they are lots of benches to pause on.

5. Want to make this cake, rhubarb and custard. I have ordered the flavourings.

6. Drove up to Sunny Hunny (Hunstanton) on Friday evening, just for an overnight trip. This is this morning’s view


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Knitted Bunny

My latest creation is a bunny for a new baby a church called Sophia. She has two big brothers and lovely parents.
The pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbits.
I have the boy and girl bunny patterns, I am doing a boy bunny for another baby at the moment.

The patterns have lots are details and are easy to follow. I just wish the whole pattern was in double knit as I never have any 4 ply yarn so I just kind of adapted it a bit.

Quite pleased with the end result and love the little tail.


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And the Back Saga Continues

Today I had my neuro appointment with someone called Lucy. To be honest looking at the MRI it doesn’t look like much to me, as I am comparing it to the schwannoma, so I feel a rather pathetic that it is causing me more trouble than that ever did! Back to the point though, the outcome of that is that she is going to take it to their meeting next Thursday to discuss it as she said it is borderline whether surgery is the best plan or not. So it will be surgery or epidural and I have said that I will do whatever they decide then. She said that when they decide she will put me straight on the appropriate waiting list and write and tell me what they have gone for. Right now I don’t really care as long as something happens and I can get out of the doing nothing limbo I feel like I am stuck in.

As for how I am now, nothing has changed, still getting pain in my back and down my leg. Still tingling down both legs and still getting horrible pain in my foot and toe. No new symptoms though which is good. I still haven’t managed a full day at work in the office, if I stay later than 2pm it means a rather painful drive home and rough night. My attempt to stay till 4pm last Friday resulted in hardly any sleep and wrote off my weekend and I have just about got things back under control now. I am starting to worry about how long my manager will put up with me disappearing to work from home every afternoon. I feel worse now than I did before the Schwannoma was removed, at least then I managed to do full days in the office right up till the day before I went off for the operation.

To be honest I am now thoroughly fed up. I want to do a full day in the office (sad I know but I like my job). I want to be able to do a Tesco shop. I want to not have to worry about how close to somewhere I can park because walking makes things worse. I want to be able to drive down to Portsmouth and see my friends. I don’t want to be worried about it going again. I want to not wake up when the painkillers wear off at about 3am. I want to get back to swimming, doing nice long walks and take my Guides camping. ☹.

Sorry I needed to have a moan and get it off my chest.

On the bright side at least one way or another something will happen and that will feel like a step in the right directionm!

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Grey Men’s Hat

I originally made this hat for my brother but that is a secret as I gave it to a friend instead. 😉

So this hat now belongs to Graham at church who says he loves it and seems to wear it a lot and has been telling people about it and showing them the ‘Handmade fro Alli’ label in it so I am guessing he is pleased. He also wants a navy version for his brother-in-law so that must be a good thing.

I am grateful to Graham as he has been giving me advice about my back, which has been really helpful. He is a semi retired Physio, as in he doesn’t do the NHS stuff any more but he clearly still loves the role and likes to help people. I am glad I got to know him before I knew he was a Physio as I generally avoid them as, well… they are scary and I tend not to trust them when I first meet them, Graham, however, is must nicer than the average one and I trust him.

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A Hat for my Brother

My brother is one of those people that I find it really hard to buy presents for. I find most men hard to buy for but my brother is harder still. So I usually ask him for ideas.

This Christmas he has two suggestions, an expensive bicycle tool kit (he is quite into cycling and regularly meets up with his local club) and a wooly hat.

I took one look at the link to the hat and thought £20 for a hat! I cam make one like that. So I did and here it is.


And here is a photo of him wearing it! Apparently he didn’t realise I had made it till I posted a photo on Facebook.


The only thing I wasn’t happy with is the size of the Pom pom I wanted it bigger really but I ran out of time to do another one. Oh and I forgot to put a ‘Handmade by Alli’ label in it.

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Christmas Stockings

This is a selection of the Christmas Stockings that I knitted this Christmas.

The pattern I used can be found by following the link below, but I made the heart design up.
knitted stocking patern

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Knitted Cowl

This is a present I made for my sister-in-law Laura.


It is made of Rowan alpaca colour DK wool and is wonderfully soft. The pattern is quite simple and grows quickly. It involves wrapping the wool around the right handle needle 4 times as part of the stitch to make loops and then on the next row unraveling the loops to full length, passing 8 loops onto the right needle and then crossing the first 4 other the second 4 and back onto the left needles before knitting them once they are crossed. Then there are two rows of just knit to form a kind of ridge.

The cowl was a Christmas present that matches pink honeycomb beanie hat I made for Laura a couple of months ago. Which I posted to her as a surprise.

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Pink Honeycomb Beanie Hat

I have made this hat for my sister-in-law Laura. The yarn is Rowan Alpaca Colour Yarn in Amethyst, which I bought from Ocado (it is dangerous being able to buy yarn and have it delivered with my food). It was a pattern from a magazine ( Christmas 2013) I only needed one 50g skein but the pattern stated two. I knitted more rib rows to start than the pattern suggested but the rest is the same.


I posted it to Laura on Thursday and she sent a text this morning to say she likes it and it will be having its first wearing this afternoon on a walk by the sea in Newquay. 🙂

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