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Weekly Witterings #4

1. Guide camp went well. No rain all weekend and lots of happy Guides.

2. Cruises are great. Currently cruising around Italy on P&O’s Ventura, today we are in Naples and we (Mum, Dad and me) have been to Sorento. I love waking up in different places and generally feeling somewhat spoilt by lovely food etc.

3. This was the view from Mum and Dad’s balcony this morning just before we headed off for breakfast. It is Vesuvius and the


4. Poor little Lenny (my nephew puppy) has had the snip. He looks very sorry for himself in his cone of shame.


5. Still a few days left of my holiday. Looking forward to cruising into Venice.

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Lenny the Lurcher

Lenny came to visit for the weekend (with my brother and sister-in-law, they came for the Tour de France Cambridge start).

Lenny is crazy.

This cute dinky puppy is now this cheeky chappy

Most of the time he is fun and goes from manic, playful puppy full of energy to a snuggle, sleepy puppy that wants cuddles.

Then there is the trouble making mode, marked by the forward ears, which is just TROUBLE! He basically the looks for anything he can steel so that you will come and get it. If you try the ignore the bad behaviour bit you end up sacrificing whatever he has to the jaws of the beast. Then when chewed that up he looks for the next thing. In this mode I can honestly say he has put any small ideas I ever had about how nice having a dog might be right out of my head.

But then he comes over and pulls this “I am soooo cute, and they never feed me face”

Or he curls up and goes to sleep like this

Then he is just adorable. And he knows it!

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Aunty to a puppy

My brother and sister-in-law used to have a crazy collie called Jake.

He was fun and I loved him but he was rather erratic and unpredictable. Sadly he got rather old and died last year.

So a few weeks ago Lenny arrived as a new family member so I guess I am Aunty to this rather cute lurcher puppy.

Meet Lenny!

He is so cute. Hopefully I will meet him soon.

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