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Hello 2015

Well it is a new year. I don’t really like the whole ” new year new me” and new year resolution thing. People don’t usually keep them and it all seems a bit of a waste of time.

I do however want o be better at a few things this year, or at least attempt to be 😉 ok so that is a bit like resolutions but with a kind of realisation that I probably won’t be that great at it…

Be more hospitable, I want to invite more people round for meals and things.

Miss fewer birthdays, I am terrible at remembering birthdays so I am going to go through my calendar on my phone and add alerts to birthdays so I notice they are coming up before the actual day.

Blog more, I started weekly witterings and then kind of got didn’t keep it going so I am going to try that again.

I also want to keep crafting, baking and making the most of my free time.

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015!

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Goodbye 2014

So it is New Years Eve again and it am thinking back over 2014… Can’t say it has been the most wonderful year, starting it looking at having back surgery for the second time and being in quite a bit of pain, thankfully I escaped the surgery. Saying goodbye to my lovely Flora bunny. Then there was the joy of a close friends pregnancy followed closely by the loss of the baby in the second trimester. I could go on but I have instead decided to look for the good things so I have found one thing to be thankful for in each month of 2014.

January – I didn’t get up to much in January but I was glad to be back in the office and no longer working from home.

February – my birthday month and thankful for lovely friends who dropped round to help me celebrate on the Sunday afternoon with lots of coffee and cake.

March – thankful for a lovely long weekend in Hunstanton at Mum and Dads flat with Tom, Fiona and Eilidh. I feel so lucky to be able to share the flat with friends.

April – thankful for Easter with Mum and Dad at their flat in Hunstanton.

May – thankful for my wonderful God daughter Eilidh and being able to enjoy her 3rd birthday with her and her parents. Love her to bits!

June – thankful to have escape back surgery and to have found a physiotherapist I trust and get on with.

July – thankful for swimming and being able to get back I the pool.

August – thankful for lunchtimes walks (as I could at last manage to walk far enough) and colleagues to walk with.

September – thankful for a fabulous cruise from Genoa to Venice with Mum and Dad, sailing into Venice again was amazing.

October – thankful for a great day at Wembley with the Guides for Big Gig. We didn’t loose any and we all had lots of fun.

November – thankful for all those who gave their lives in World War 1 after visiting the amazing poppies at the Tower of London.

December – thankful for a good Christmas with Mum, Dad, Allan and Laura and Lenny the dog. No arguments, lots of good food and two lovely walks. Also thankful that this year pulling crackers was almost pain free!

It has also been a year filled with baking:


And craft:

And I plan to do more of both of these things in 2015!

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This year I want to…

… have a peaceful year where nothing drastic happens!

I also want to lose and bit of weight and get fitter (yeah I know everyone says that!) and be better at keeping in touch with people.

First on my list though is to start using my garage to put my car in as I am fed up of de-icing it in the morning when I have plenty of space for it in the garage.  I just need to get used to doing it, stop being lazy and not worry so much about scratching it as I know it fits through the door!

Second is to use my blog more again.  Facebook status updates are fine but I miss the blog thing.

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