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Having slept on it life is not so bad

So after feeling rather depressed last night and quite tearful about everything this morning I have decided to move on, leave my worries in Gods hands and the decision to the experts and just carry on.

Let’s look at the positives…
They will do something, it might not be pleasant but hopefully I will end up better than I am now…
Whatever happens they will help with control the pain I am left with…
I am not on my own and have lots of lovely caring friends and my family are there for me too…
I have the most adorable God Daughter who not only give the best hugs in the world but melts my heart when she gives my back kisses to make it better. I love her so much 😀 …
Last time I had back surgery I felt a real sense of God’s presence with me and I know he is there now too…
The surgery , if that is what they decide is much less drastic than last time…
I got through it all before so I know I can do it again…
And the best one of all I still get to park in the visitor spaces at work rather than do the where shall I abandon my car today thing till it is sorted 😉

Today’s resolve it to decide I can get through this and I am not going to let the pain win… Now where is that Tramadol packet it is time for more…

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Do I rattle yet?

I think I am taking rather a lot of painkillers, I guess many people take more but this feels like a handful to me.


This is my evening mix that, if I am lucky, keeps me comfortable enough to sleep for most of the night.  Although I often end up taking some more around 4am.  Roll on my neurosurgery appointment and hopefully a plan to sort out this stupid disc.

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