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My iPhone 6

So I have my shiny new iphone 6 so what do I think so far?


I quite like having a larger screen and it is very clear compared to my iphone 4.
It is quite light.
I like the touch id finger print unlock a lot.
Some of the apps had become a little slow on my iPhone 4 so I am loving the speed that the iPhone 6 bring to those apps.
I had some Bluetooth kit that wouldn’t talk to my iPhone 4 so now that is all working nicely.
It still fits in my jeans pocket (I was worried it might be too big)

The sleep/wake button has moved from the top to the side. Not sure why but I now inadvetently hit the volume controls which are oposite when I go to put my phone in sleep mode.
I have small hands and find that when holding the phone in one hand I struggle to reach the top of the screen so it is not comfortable to use one handed.
The price. Well Apple stuff is always expensive but this at £700 ish seems like a lot of money for a phone.

The set up was incredibly simple. I had ordered a Nano SIM from GiffGaff in advance so that was ready and waiting so I went online and activated the new SIM and requested a transfer from my old SMI to the new Nano one. It said it might take a while but in reality it was only about 5 minutes before my iPhone 6 was picking up the GiffGaff network. I backed up my iPhone 4 to the iCloud and then simply used that when setting up my new iPhone 6. It all worked brilliantly and I have all my call and SMS history as well as music, setting and apps etc. Brilliant! It did take quite a while to complete the restore but I can live with that.

In summary I am pleased with my new toy.

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Kindle Paperwhite

So we got a bonus at work, what’s not to like about extra money 😉

I decided to treat myself to a new Paperwhite kindle so I can read in bed without the light on. I liked my old, cheap kindle but having a clip on light is just irritating and doesn’t work very well.

My Kindle Paperwhite is a couple of months old now and I am loving it! I have been reading more than I have in years. Most of my reading is done in bed just before sleeping so I am making lots of use of the lit screen. The lighting of the screen is quickly and easily adjusted so that it is comfortable to read from in all levels darkness.

The only problems I have found are that the touch screen is not as responsive as on other gadgets like my tablet, phone and iPad, but I can live with that, the annoying one is that the wifi is temperamental and it doesn’t reliably connect to my wifi to download books etc. I usually after do a shutdown and a few attempts to get it connected which is irritating and my old Kindle did not have this issue.

Overall thought I like it and recommend spending the extra few pounds.

Oh and get some of these decorative stickers and/or this case

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