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Mixed feelings after today

So this morning started with a phone call from the hospital, oh what a surprise I have been bumped so my surgery date is no longer 3/3. I kind of had assumed it would be canceled at some point, whenever I have surgery it is always canceled on the first attempt.

So I was told to still go to my pre opp appointments today and tomorrow so off I went to the one with the surgeon today.

Only running 1 1/2 hours late (apparently that isn’t bad for his clinics) so I was thoroughly bored by the time I went in. So let’s summaries this…

He likes Guide leaders and thinks they do marvellous things. He gets a Brownie point for that!

Apparently it is unusual for him to see a schwannoma patient who the goes on to have a disc problems. He has seen one previously but he was older and the disc was no where near where the tumour was. Mine is in almost exactly the same place.

He used the word unusual not interesting so he gets another Brownie point!

He doesn’t like the look of going through the scar tissue (which I was kind of surprised when he pointed it out, I had assumed that was just fatty muscle). Apparently that is not ideal.

As my last MRI was in October he wants an up to date one before surgery. He thinks t probably looks similar but if it has shrunk then there is no point operating so best to have a check first. I had thought this might happen, but I hate (I mean I think surgery sounds better) MRIs.

I am still having the pre-opp stuff tomorrow because he thinks that is the most likely outcome. Oh and I have signed the convent form for something that might not happen… Ummm…

Then it is back to waiting for letters and dates again 😦

To be fair I totally get what he means. It makes sense to have the best information available and it would not help if he made his way through the scar tissue to find the disc wasn’t as bad as it was in October and it was a waste of time and possibly made things worse for nothing. But I don’t know what they can do if the disc is better, because I am still in pain!

On the positive side the surgery sounds like a breeze! Should only need one or two weeks off work 🙂 He totally supports me escaping the same day as long as nothing indicates otherwise 🙂 No stitches to take out 🙂 Small scar 🙂 Should be able to drive in a day or so 😀 So happy about that!

So there we are now I don’t know what is happening when apart from another trip to the hospital tomorrow.

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