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Spinal Surgery #2 it is then

I now have a date for spinal surgery number 2. I can’t say I am particularly happy about it but I am hopeful that it will get me some pain relief and hopefully allow me to get back to a manageable level of pain (i am being realistic as they can’t make it better than it was before the disc went mad).

I want my life back!

So the plan is to do a micro discectomy which basically means they go in using key hole type techniques and remove the bit of the disc that is causing problems and leave the rest of the disc there. I think the idea is to do as little as possible but remove the issue and hopefully not make the current scar tissue worse. One positive is that the bone has already been removed so they should have easy access 😉

Oddly my biggest fear is getting bumped again. Out of two surgeries (one just under local) in my life both have been canceled on the first attempt so I don’t have a great track record. I also don’t fancy dissolvable stitches again as they didn’t dissolve and ripped the wound open as they worked their way out when I had them before and resulted in an ugly scar. If I am honest the whole thought of being sewn back together makes me go funny. I am not really squeamish about blood and stuff but stitches just repulse me.

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