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Weekly Witterings 2015 #9

1.  Oh dear these are not exactly weekly are they…

2. So this week I should have been having fun at a hackathon in Frankfurt with work but instead I have been supporting it from my sofa so doing the work but missing out on the fun.  Oh well.  I feel rather guilty about it as literally a couple of days after saying I would go I then sent an email saying my back had gone again and I wouldn’t be going.  They got someone else to go but he doesn’t know the code, the files or the product particularly so not really very useful!

3. Andy has, however, got a big tub of gummy bears for me from the office.  Apparently he went down to reception and said how I couldn’t come but love the gummy bears they have.  So this will be making its way to my desk soon 😃


The receptionist probably thinks I am crazy!

4.  As if I hadn’t done enough to my back I fell down the stairs last week so now have a rather bruised bum too!  Not too sure what happened, I was carrying my washing and attempting the stairs without a crutch but I think my leg also gave way.  Hank fully I don’t seem to have made anything worse.

5. Not really been up to much else really.  I saw my Physio on Thursday and thankfully he was gentle and sympathetic.  See him again next week so hopefully thre will be some improvement to show him.

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Weekly Witterings 2015 #8

1.  So it turns out the trip to Saltzburg is actually Sultzbach which is an area in ?Frankfurt, sounds and looks similar.  I have agreed to go as long as I can have a taxi to and from the airport, London City, rather than getting the train and the tube.  Last time it was just too much doing drive to station, get train, Rush round on tube and the airport.  Looking forward to it though as a hackathon sounds fun.  16th – 19th March looks like the dates.  Need to fit some preparation time in somehow!

2. Had a lovely wander around Ely yesterday.  I like Ely not only does it have Fat Face, Wilkinsons and Waitrose you can also do a nice loop walk round down to the river and back up past the cathedral. 


This is the view of the cathedral from the top of the car park.  Not the best weather but I enjoyed it.

3.  I also went for a swim last night, 1620 meters in 28 minutes.  My brother has given me his Garmin Swim watch and I am loving it.  I will write a post about it soon.

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Weekly Witterings 2015 #7

1.  Today is Thinking Day when Guides all around the world think about each other and how we are linked by one organisation. We also think about those early Guides who wanted something like the boys had in Scouting, fun, adventure and friendship which are still key to Guiding today.

2.  I really should start thinking bout the gifts for our church Women’s Day soon.  The event is on 21st March so will come around quickly.

3.  Work is busy at the moment, good but hectic.  I might have a business trip to Saltzburg soon to do a hackathon thing.

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Will I ever learn?

Why am I so stubborn?
Why do I care what other people think?
Why do I push myself right to past my limits?

These are some of the questions aim asking myself this evening…

I had an all day workshop for work today. I should have know better, I should have left earlier. But me, being me, stayed till the end having not managed a full day in the office since early October.

Why? Well I wanted to take part fully, I wanted to hear what everyone had to say, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by leaving early.

Now I am hurting, a lot. I am cross with myself. I am fed up.

Grrrrr I am so stupid!

And I know that no one would really have minded! Well apart from stubborn old me.

Now I could just cry… But that won’t help…

Will I ever learn? No probably not!
Was it worth it? Well it was a good meeting and I am glad I was there…

Oh well…

Roll on 3rd March and hopefully fixing this stupid back!

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Commuters are a strange bunch…

Four days commuting from Cambridge (well Waterbeach actually) to London has given me the chance to see what the life of a commuter is like.  I love people watching and a commuter train and a busy London station are great for this.  So here are some descriptions of some of the people…

TCP Man – one morning I was sitting next to the window and there were a few spare seats around including double ones but for some reason this man decided to sit next to me.  He smelt of TCP.  Why sit next to someone where there are double seats available?

Power point twins – not actual twins.  They both got on at Cambridge and sat next to me and the man opposite.  They then proceeded to edit a power point presentation by one tweaking on their laptop saving and passing a memory stick to other for them to tweak and send back, while constantly talking, loudly, about the presentation.  It was not even 7am.  Oh and they both looked like they may have slept in their suits.

Sociable three – there seems to be a rule about not speaking to fellow commuters but there are a few that do speak.  This particular group got on at Waterbeach and chatted happily to each other all the way to Kings Cross.

Mascara girl – there are often women doing there make up on the train, but this one women must have spent 5 minutes just piling on the mascara.  It was think black and clumpy when she had finished.

Nose picker – some people seem to think that other people can’t see them when they are on a train, that or they have no manners.  This suited young man spent rather a lot of the journey with his finger up his nose.

Platform lady – I mean the shoes not the concrete at the side of the railway.  She was staggering along in the sort of skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination and the most ridiculous shoes that she clearly could not walk it.  Why do women do things like that?

And last but probably the worst…

Yellow knickers – this was a lady on the tube who was wearing a short, tight skirt and a jacket type suit.  The problem was that she didn’t seem to realise that wearing that skirt she really should have kept her legs together when sitting.  I don’t think I need to elaborate.

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